Nature Walks

This takes place within the Aberdare Country Club Game Sanctuary, which has an area of over 1300 acres, full of wildlife and birds, flora and fauna. Drives can be arranged too for those who need assistance walking, upon request.…


Safari Drive

Half or full day safari drive to The Salient and The Moorlands in Aberdare National Park. Search the plains for a plethora of animal activity, and capture that perfect photograph to take home.Game drives to the Solio Sanctuary, a private sanctuary that extends between the spurs of Aberdare Mountains and Mt. Kenya, are possible too.…


Bird Watching

Guests can search for birds and walk within the Game Sanctuary but we also offer a drive as an exception to the elderly, of for those requiring assistance. Let our guides inform you about the plethora of birds one can sight. Bird life found in the forest is abundant and varied. The most conspicuous group…